Автомат для индексной вырубки Rega 4

Ref.Nr 16031401

Год производства: 2003

Цена: по запросу

Производитель: Durrer

REGA 4 processes products in formats A4-A6.
The machine distinguishes by high flexibility, short change-over time and simple menu guidance.


Format  max. 320 x 250 mm
              min.  130 x 90 mm

Book thickness max. 25 mm (depending on product)

For all standard binding sorts, for  hard and soft cover


-          Simple input with menu guidance through the terminal

-          Number of sheets and length of tabs individually programmable for each cut

-          Memory of 350 programmes

-          Processing of single or multiple products

-          Processing of products with soft and hard covers

-          Index printing with 2 colours


Optional equipment


–   Printing station to print indexes

–   Closing device for an automatic closing of Hard-cover products

–   Form-cut device / to make the thump-cut knives available (and also the U-Cut knives)